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Dean Optical, Chicago — Quality Eye Care You Can Trust

At Dean Optical in Chicago, Illinois, our history is as rich as our vision is clear. Since 1921, we have provided top-notch eye care services and superior vision products. Conveniently located in the financial district of Chicago, we proudly serve our community and neighboring areas with personalized, high-quality eye care.

Eye Allergy Relief Experts

In addition to tailored treatments for various eye conditions, we're here to understand and alleviate your unique eye allergy concerns. With a personalized approach, we aim to enhance your comfort and well-being, focusing on solutions that provide lasting comfort.

Our patients often marvel at the technology we employ, and we're just as thrilled about it. We believe that advanced technology can greatly enhance your eye health.

Customized Vision Wellness

We genuinely care about every single patient who walks through our door. Our doctors go the extra mile to provide personalized, professional service that addresses your unique needs. It's not just about eye exams; it's about your well-being and understanding your concerns.

We do all this as we continually strive to be the gold standard of eye care for Chicago and its surrounding communities.

Reviews from Our Satisfied Patients
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I have been going to Dean Optical for at least 5 years and have been very pleased with the expertise, the efficiency, and the friendliness of the entire staff.

My first experience with Dr Albin was last week. He is a great addition to the team! Besides his professionalism and focus, I also appreciated his ability to explain the science in understandable terms. Further, he made thoughtful suggestions about a few OTC products which were spot on!

a month ago

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Your Expert Optometrists in Chicago

Our team of experienced optometrists, Dr. Dennis DeLee and Dr. Matthew Albin, is committed to delivering comprehensive eye exams and specializes in identifying and treating eye problems, diseases, and conditions. We’ve been perfecting the art of eye care for over a century.

Dr. Matthew Albin
Dr. Dennis DeLee
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Eye Care Services We Offer

precision eyeglasses

Precision Eyeglasses

Uncover unparalleled visual clarity with our eyeglasses. We merge the latest lens technologies with fashionable frames to suit every personality and lifestyle, ensuring you look and see your best.

c ontact lense fitting

Contact Lens Fittings

Discover the freedom of contact lenses. Our experts deliver personalized fittings and diverse options, ensuring optimal comfort and enhanced vision for everyone.

dry eye tratment

Dry Eye Solutions

Find lasting relief from dry eye discomfort. Our personalized treatments and advanced approaches effectively manage dry eye syndrome in Chicago and surrounding areas.


Browse Our Curated Designer Eyewear Collection

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