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Without expert guidance, selecting lenses and frames to meet both your visual needs and fashion preferences can be an overwhelming task. Dr. Dennis DeLee, Dr. Michael A. Meifert, and Dr. Lance N. Olson and Opticians at Dean Optical in Chicago make this experience easy and enjoyable. For help choosing the best lenses and frames for your lifestyle, make an appointment with one of our Optometrists at Dean Optical today.

Glasses Frames & Lenses Q & A

What Types of Frames are Available?

Frame styles change often. Most frames are made from:

  • Metal frames of Monel, Beryllium, Flexon or Stainless Steel
  • Zyl or Acetate Plastic
  • A combination of plain metal and plastic
  • Specialty metals such as carbon graphite, titanium, and beta titanium

Frames constructed from specialty metals are typically very resistant to damage from wear and tear.

How Should Your Frames Fit?

If your frames fit perfectly, you’ll almost feel like you’re not wearing them. Well-sized frames won’t irritatingly scrub against your nose and ears. They also won’t fall off your face easily.

What is Blue Light?

Digital screens emit a specific type of blue and violet light. Overexposure to this high-energy, short- wavelength light can negatively impact your eye health and cause digital eye strain, sleep disorders, headache and dry eyes. Dean Optical has quite a few corrective measures available to reduce this digital eye strain also known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

What are Multifocal Lenses?

Progressive multifocal lenses provide a more natural correction of presbyopia than bifocal or trifocal prescription eyeglasses. Instead of having just two or three lens powers like bifocals or trifocals, progressive lenses are true "multifocal" lenses that provide a seamless progression of many lens powers for all viewing distances. Some progressive lenses are made especially for computer use, for example, and have a wider intermediate zone. Your Dean Optical Optometrist can prescribe or our Opticians can recommend specialty lenses for all of your vision needs.

What is the Purpose of Lens Coatings?

A wide variety of lens coatings exist to make your eyeglass wearing experience more comfortable and enjoyable. Nearly all of today’s lenses contain ultraviolet and scratch resistant protection, but there are many more. For instance, an anti-reflective lens coating prevents you from seeing halos and reflections around light sources. Mirror lens coatings are available for patients who want prescription sunglasses.

Numerous colors of mirror coatings exist including:

  • Blue
  • Gold
  • Silver

Some patients find looking through tinted lenses helps their vision, and a light or dark tint can be applied to your eyeglasses.

Depending on the color you tint your glasses, it may or may not affect your vision. Tinting your sunglasses a gray shade won’t affect the color of objects you see. However, applying a yellow tint your lenses might increase the contrast of viewed items.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Dean Optical works with many insurance carriers and payment plans.
To see if we work with your insurance carrier or vision care plan, please call our office for assistance. Our friendly and informed staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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