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Most of Dean Optical’s patients spend numerous hours staring at a computer screen every day. Whether you use your computer to complete homework assignments, work-related responsibilities, or shop for groceries, you can experience computer vision syndrome. If you suspect looking at your computer screen is causing you strain and eye difficulties, make an appointment with Dr. Dennis DeLee, Dr. Michael A. Meifert, or Dr. Lance N. Olson at Dean Optical. Dean Optical serves our patients in the Financial District of Chicago.

Computer Vision Syndrome Q & A

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome encompasses a group of eye and vision-related issues resulting from lengthy computer, tablet, or cell phone usage.

What are the Symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome?

The bothersome symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome include:

  • Blurry vision
  • Watery eyes
  • Headache
  • Neck pain
  • Stiff shoulders

The severity of a patient’s symptoms depends on the level of their visual abilities and the amount of time they stare at a computer screen. Patients’ symptoms often lessen when they step away from their digital devices. Unfortunately, some patients continue to experience diminished visual abilities after halting computer usage. Blurry distance vision is a common symptom that may not subside after patients quit looking at their computer screens. When the underlying causes of computer vision syndrome aren’t addressed, symptoms often recur and sometimes worsen causing headache, increases in nearsightedness and postural problems.

What Causes Computer Vision Syndrome?

Several factors contribute to computer vision syndrome including:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • A glare on a digital screen
  • Improper viewing distances
  • Inadequate corrected vision
  • Eye muscle coordination
  • Dry eyes
  • Poor posture

Looking at a computer screen makes your eyes work harder. The letters on your computer screen or handheld device are typically not as sharply defined or as clear as the letters on a printed page. Therefore, the contrast level compared to the background is diminished. Further, the presence of reflections or a glare on your digital screen can make viewing letters difficult. The high visual demands of staring at a digital screen can increase your risk of succumbing to vision-related issues. Uncorrected or poorly corrected vision problems can worsen the severity of computer vision syndrome. Even slight vision problems affect your performance and comfort when using a computer screen.

How is Computer Vision Syndrome Treated?

Because computer screens are usually situated 20-26 inches from your eyes, regular, prescription eyeglasses are often not the best alternative for looking at digital screens. This intermediate vision range is farther than what you utilize to read. However, it’s also closer than what you use to drive a car. Dean Optical provides patients with specialty computer lenses and lens treatments designed especially for computer work. They allow patients to accurately and safely view their computer screens and intermediate work areas.

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