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Completing your daily activities is challenging when you’re battling the bothersome symptoms of allergy eyes. While some patients deal with this condition seasonally, others live with symptoms all year. Dr. Dennis DeLee, Dr. Michael A. Meifert, and Dr. Lance N. Olson of Dean Optical, located in Chicago’s Financial District, provide effective solutions to this common, medical issue. They tailor targeted treatment plans to meet individual needs.

Allergy Eyes Q & A

What are Allergy Eyes?

Allergy eyes, also referred to as allergic conjunctivitis, develop when something you’re allergic to aggravates your conjunctiva. Your conjunctiva is the fragile membrane covering your eye and the inside of your eyelid.

What Causes Allergy Eyes?

Allergy eyes occur when your body overreacts to stimuli, and your immune system manufactures antibodies. These antibodies trigger your eyes to release histamine and other substances. Both seasonal and perennial allergies can negatively affect your eyes, though seasonal allergies usually affect patients during the early spring, summer, and autumn months with pollens from grasses, weeds, and trees being common culprits. Spores from molds can impact your eyes, too. Conversely, perennial allergies occur year round.

Common perennial allergies include:

  • Dust mites
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke
  • Air pollution
  • Perfumes
  • Chlorine
  • Cosmetics
  • Certain kinds of medicine

What are the Symptoms of Allergy Eyes?

The irritating symptoms of allergy eyes include:

  • Itching
  • Burning
  • Clear, watery discharge
  • Redness

How are Allergy Eyes Diagnosed?

If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms of allergy eyes, schedule a visit with the doctors at Dean Optical. Because allergy eyes share symptoms with certain, serious diseases of the eye, obtaining an accurate diagnosis protects your future vision. When you’re suffering from allergy eyes, you’ll have swollen blood vessels on the surface of your eyes. The doctors at Dean Optical can examine your eyes under a microscope to determine if they contain swollen blood vessels.

What are the Treatment Options for Allergy Eyes?

When venturing outdoors, wear eyeglasses or oversized sunglasses. Avoid rubbing your eyes, as this action can worsen the symptoms of allergy eyes. Both eye lubricants and sterile, saline rinses can wash out allergens and soothe your symptoms. Eye drops consisting of ketotifen may relieve your allergy eye symptoms for up to 12 hours. Stronger prescription Allergy Drops may be prescribed at your visit. Chilling your eye drops in the refrigerator might make them more effective. In addition to eye drops, oral antihistamines can be beneficial.

To find the best treatment option for your allergy eyes, schedule an appointment with the doctors at Dean Optical.

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